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Tiberius is a Photographic Artist and Beauty Consultant living in the colorful and dynamic city of Tel Aviv, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.
The city’s proximity to the sea gives cause to constant changes in it’s appearance, both in terms of material and landscape, and is used by Tiberius as a mirrored reflection of the world we live in. A world in which the race for new achievement neglects the inherent beauty of the disintegrating past.

Through in depth observation Tiberius sees that beyond the creases and imperfections of the city’s profile lie a pair of beautiful eyes filled with feeling and expression, where a heart beats – the source of life. He finds beauty in the reflection of light, in rusting iron and peeling paint. Beauty in the influence of weather and sea air on the ageing process of buildings, signage and other details that were topical just yesterday. His keen eye hunts the beauty in the moment of the disintegrating yet dynamic metropolis, while at the same time accentuates the beauty of the urban “nature” which envelopes us and changes daily.


The works are printed on flexible materials such as canvas, cloth, photographic paper , plastic sheeting… in different sizes proportionate to the particular space available. Sizes range from 18/24 cm (7/9.5 inches) up to 5.0/5.0 meters (16.5/16.5 feet).

One Man Show
May 2007-Andrew Cohen center-Yafo\Tel Aviv-Israel
June 1993 – Tel Aviv Cinematique – Israel
August 1994 – Jerusalem Theatre – Israel
February 1997 – Aux Mysters D’Eleusis Gallery – Paris, France
July 1999 – Tel Aviv Cinematique – Israel

Group Showings
December 1994 – The New Central Bus Station – Tel Aviv, Israel
June 1996 – Nesle Gallery – Paris, France

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